Pantel's Power-Packed Peripheral: VersaCom Revolutionizes Home Office and Small Business Communications

The just launched VersaCom, the popular, power-packed peripheral manufactured by California's Redwood City headquartered Pantel, a new Silicon Valley player in the hi-tech product wars, hit the market today with promises to revolutionize home office and small business communications, according to CEO and President Soheil Eizadi, a 20-year telecommunications veteran.

This savvy but tiny 4 3/8 inch by 6 3/8 inch peripheral comes in a pearl white plastic with a hi-tech wavy border symbolic of rapid voice movement. "Likened to a footprint in the sand," he continues, "VersaCom has a blockbuster of a stride." This miniscule, all-in-one communications device has the versatility and functionality to outpace its closest competitors in the home office and small business market in PC and fax technology.

VersaCom transforms existing home office and small business communications systems into advanced hi-tech business production centers. Easily integrated, VersaCom enhances work stations and communication systems with "monster clout!"

Here are VersaCom's highlights! It is soon to be sold for $99 at Fry's Electronics and CompUSA, trendy hi-tech equipment sources in the Western States. The product is currently available for purchase through Pantel's sales hotline or through their company website.

"This single product gives small businesses and home offices so much, yet costs so little," points Eizadi. Suddenly, any type laser or ink jet printer becomes a receiver spitting out faxes on plain paper. Reams of pricey, curly, hard-to-read thermal paper are a thing of the past!

Suddenly, 24-hour fax reception becomes a new way of life! Day or night, even when the PC is turned off, the company is covered!

VersaCom has the ability to distinguish between fax and voice calls, putting an end to needless switching or a second phone line.

Suddenly, the fax machine serves as a rapid, multi-page scanner processing tones of document pages!

Suddenly, the fax machine sends documents to the printer to produce clear, clean copies!

How does VersaCom work? This product is adapted to work with any PC and complements any fax software.

VersaCom has the flexibility to increase all PC based fax maneuvers -- delayed delivery, forward, duplicate or merge. Also, VersaCom features free and errorless fax communication and rapid computer-to-computer binary transfer of documents.


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