Compact Peripheral Ties Office Devices Into
Cost-Cutting Multifunctional Communications System

VersaCom™ from Pantel enables small office/ home-office business operators to cut day-to-day operating costs and reduce equipment needs by inexpensively integrating and expanding the capabilities of existing communications resources.

The tiny (4 3/8" x 6 3/8" footprint-size) VersaCom device provides 24-hour fax reception-even with PCs turned off. And, using any laser or ink printer to produce plain-paper fax printouts, the device lets users avoid the high costs and poor print quality of thermal paper.

Ending the need for a scanner or copier, VersaCom converts an existing fax machine into a fast, multi-page scanner that can transmit documents to a PC for storage or to a printer for outputting clear plain-paper copies. More savings derive from VersaCom's ability to distinguish between fax and voice calls; no external switching device or second phone line is required.

Operating on any PC running Windows 95 or Windows 98, VersaCom is compatible with all major fax software and permits full use of PC-based fax capabilities- delayed delivery, forward, duplicate, and merge, for example. Further, it provides guaranteed error-free fax communication along with fast computer-to-computer binary file transfer.

The peripheral connects directly to a PC's parallel port and features a pass-through feature that permits use of either VersaCom or a printer. With a suggested retail price of $99, VersaCom comes with a three-year warranty and is complete with cables and power supply.

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