The Pantel Story

In the heart of Silicon Valley beside the Port of Redwood City stands the corporate headquarters of one of California's newest peripheral manufacturer, Pantel. The company has an expertise in communications, modem, software, fax, personal computer and Windows software.

Established in 1995 by President and CEO Soheil Eizadi; Vice President of Engineering Kiet Tran; and Chief Technical Officer Leo Kaplan, this fast moving, hi-tech PC peripheral venture reflects the diverse character and cultural ingenuity of its highly focused owners.

The Pantel team believed that tapping into the booming small business and home office segment of the market, often lacking in technical and computer expertise, they needed to provide a multi-service constructed product which would enhance existing communications systems.

"VersaCom is the answer!" says Eizadi. The name VersaCom, like Pantel, is a derivation. "Versa" comes from the English word versatile and "Com" from the word communications.

VersaCom does what no other product will. This small 4 3/8 inch by 6 3/8 inch peripheral device packs a wallop, turning a laser jet or ink jet printer into a plain paper fax receiver; giving businesses 24-hour fax reception; allowing existing fax machines to serve as rapid fire multi-page scanners; and sending documents via a fax machine to a printer as clean finished copies.

"All you have to do is plug the unit in; there is no computer literacy involved. It's that simple, that practical, and that affordable!" says Eizadi.

From the beginning, a timeline was established to market VersaCom efficiently. Planning centered around their commitment to quality, their expertise in product development, and use of the latest computer-aided design and engineering. "This project has been a hands-on, do-it-yourself team approach all the way," Eizadi confirms.

A tough set of standards from design specifications done in-house to manufacturing, assembly and packaging, which is outsourced locally, were imposed. VersaCom was tested, and evaluated, then tested again before its final assembly and shipping," he explains.

Pantel has also developed an automated set of tools that aggressively puts VersaCom through its paces to be certain no problems exist. The testing equipment runs on a PC with special software and hardware unique to Pantel. "This system was designed to minimize product costs and satisfy current and future customer demands," points out Eizadi.

Meanwhile, Pantel will roll out its sales and marketing effort utilizing an interface of electronic and traditional methods. The purpose is to educate the consumer with one message-- VersaCom is the one product that gives small businesses and home offices more value for less cost.

A retail sales campaign will educate distributors and store personnel utilizing promotional literature and informational workshops.  It is currently available for purchase directly from Pantel and select Staples stores

This compact, power-packed peripheral is positioned as a highly visible printing accessory for the end user. Sales teams will conduct demonstrations on-site to showcase VersaCom and its enhanced PC, printer and fax capabilities.

"A Pantel Quality Guarantee of a limited three year warranty on parts and services is offered on VersaCom," remarks Eizadi. This will be backed up by reviews and endorsements in computer magazines, testimonials, advertisements, and high-tech customer service and support.

With good results in the Western States, Pantel has plans for future expansion across the USA, Asia, and Europe.


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